One of Twelve

One of Twelve is the first in a series of twelve nearly-identical genetically engineered Human-Borg clones created by the Borg Collective in an experimental test of Human capability. The goal was to determine the potential for utilizing human adaptability and innovation separate from the Collective as a strategic asset for advanced special operations, while retaining the Borg identity. The plan was to ultimately use her distinctiveness to help conquer the more resilient species and factions for assimilation. Where the Borg Queen brings order to chaos, these twelve were to bring chaos to order, and were programmed with the ability to disregard and countermand Borg strategic standards within the limits of their battle group if they believed they had a better solution.

One of Twelve left her maturation chamber on Stardate 78453.14 (approx: June 15, 2401).

The hierarchy of this experiment placed each clone in command of a Borg Tactical Cube, except for One of Twelve. Instead of a cube, she had command of the entire battle group, and thus did not command her own ship. Her command center was placed aboard the cube commanded by Two of Twelve.

The first actual combat test for this Borg experiment occurred in late 2404. The test was a success, resulting in the destruction of fourteen Starfleet vessels, and the assimilation of their crews. This success was not to last. Alerted by this battle to the existence of this Borg experiment, Starfleet Intelligence formed a task force with the sole purpose of defeating her. One week into 2405, One of Twelve once again led her eleven cubes into battle, this time against the Starfleet Intelligence task force looking for her. Expecting the same easy success as the first battle, One of Twelve made a tactical error by pulling a damaged Starfleet vessel into her cargo bay for assimilation. The Starfleet vessel managed to escape the tractor beam, and rammed the Central Plexus, disabling both ships, and severing the cube from all Borg transmissions. The other ten cubes quickly retreated from the battle.

One of Twelve was recovered from the wreckage by Starfleet two days later, on Stardate 82022.48 (approx: January 9, 2405).

Following her liberation from the Borg Collective, Starfleet Intelligence put One of Twelve through extensive testing to determine her capabilities, and rushed her through Starfleet Academy and Command School. On Stardate 85053 (approx: January 20, 2408), One of Twelve was promoted to Captain, and given command of the U.S.S. Lachesis, with Two of Twelve as her First Officer.

The current goal is to find and liberate the other ten clones, but Starfleet Intelligence might have other plans. Only time will tell.

Two of Twelve

Two of Twelve is an almost identical clone of One of Twelve, with the greatest difference attributed to a gene modified to make her more reliant on One of Twelve for orders. While she is more than capable of commanding a vessel on her own, she tends to do better with a nearby commanding superior.

She was liberated from the Borg Collective at the same time as One of Twelve. Together, they went through rehabilitation, and truly learned for the first time what it meant to be an individual, not just another cog in the Borg Collective’s machinery.

Exhibiting another difference from One of Twelve, Two began to demonstrate an interest in Engineering while attending Starfleet Academy.

Two of Twelve is now the First Officer aboard the U.S.S. Lachesis, a position she seems to have been designed to hold.


Tdurkan was born in 2377 on Sauria, but other than that, he doesn’t mention much about his life prior to Starfleet, which he joined in 2395, probably inspired by Aennik Okeg, the first Saurian elected to be the President of the Federation in 2392. He graduated first in his class in 2399, and transferred to Starfleet Intelligence for advanced tactical training.

In 2405, Tdurkan was assigned as security for One and Two of Twelve, and has assisted them ever since.

He currently holds the rank of Commander, and is third in command aboard the U.S.S. Lachesis. Despite being considered a good friend of the two Borg, he has orders to shoot them if they become a threat.

Time-permitting, Tdurkan does enjoy a good game of strategema.

Mandi Elza Pargman
Lt. Commander

Mandi was born on Luna in 2385. During her time at Starfleet Academy, she was the first student to befriend One and Two of Twelve by inviting them to play hoverball with her. In 2407, she graduated fourth in her class.

Her first assignment was aboard the U.S.S. Francis Crick, investigating stellar anomalies near the Beytan System. She was then reassigned to serve aboard the U.S.S. Lachesis.

Tori Mcmindes

Born on Earth in 2354, Tori seemed to have a knack for engineering, although back then it was more taking stuff apart than putting it together. At the start of the Dominion War, Tori enrolled at Starfleet Technical Services Academy, and was placed in a fast-track engineering class designed to quickly train the personnel needed to support war efforts. She graduated shortly before the end of the war, and received the Starfleet Medal of Valor for service aboard the U.S.S. John Adams.

In 2377, Tori transferred to a research station on Devos II, where she demonstrated greater willingness than most to assist with research toward the removal of ketracel-white addiction from Jem’Hadar genetic requirements. At one point, a Jem’Hadar test subject brought her to sick bay with a gaping cheek wound. Both of them refused to explain the cause of the wound, so Tori spent three days in standard recovery. She has refused dermal regeneration for scar removal ever since. Because the Jem’Hadar test subjects seemed to prefer working with Crewman Mcmindes, she eventually took on most of the duties interacting with them.

In 2380, she transferred to Cestus III to assist the adaptation of Federation habitation facilities to meet Gorn physiological requirements, and continued to work at the colony for quite some time.

Tori decided to attend Starfleet Academy’s engineering program with a solitary study pace in 2395, and graduated with a commission to Ensign in 2397.

In 2408, Tori was selected for transfer to the U.S.S. Lachesis to be its Chief Engineer because of her previously demonstrated ability to interact well with behaviorally-difficult species.


Sururo was born on Trill in 2384. In 2391, at the age of seven, she was in a shuttle accident, and provided medical aid and care for two badly injured survivors until rescue teams arrived. Unfortunately, this was not considered significant enough to prevent her from being cut from the Trill joining program in 2402, so she chose Starfleet Academy instead, and went on to Starfleet Medical Academy’s xenomedicine program.

During Sururo’s time at the Starfleet Medical Academy, she was introduced to One of Twelve as part of a research project, and upon graduation, was transferred to the U.S.S. Lachesis.

Rigoberto Jeffry Clayman

Rigoberto was born in 2341, at an unknown colony in the Hromi Cluster. Presumably drifting from job to job, Starfleet has little history for him until 2377 when he received a Federation Commendation for aiding efforts in the rebuilding of Cardassian planets. He then found work on a deep-space ore freighter from 2380 to 2398 when he formed an asteroid mining business. Work was steady, but not profitable enough to stay in business.

In 2402, Rigoberto joined Starfleet to be a Security Officer, and graduated from the Academy in 2406. In 2409, he was transferred to the U.S.S. Lachesis.

Kozslym Jidi

Kozslym Jidi was a Bajoran farmer most of his life. Shortly after Bajor joined the Federation, Kozslym joined up, and attended Starfleet Academy. As one of Bajor’s latest graduates, Kozslym was transferred to the U.S.S. Lachesis.

Kutrizian Sodu

Kutrizian Sodu (nobody knows his real name), was born on Rigel V in 2361. In 2380, he enrolled at Rigel School of Genetic Medicine, where he excelled to graduate in 2384. His history from then on is a bit sketchy.

In 2388, Starfleet Intelligence files detailing black market commerce noted his presence in the [REDACTED] System.

In 2397, Comprehensive analysis by Starfleet Intelligence suggests Kutrizian Sodu was involved in the development of cures for up to fifteen genetic ailments for five different species, that were detailed in medical journals from a variety of systems throughout the Alpha Quadrant. Each “cure” required some sort of illegal procedure.

Mr. Sodu was finally apprehended and convicted of illegal genetic engineering and augmentation, racketeering, criminal conspiracy, and numerous other charges in 2404. He was sentenced to the New Zealand Penal Settlement for twenty years. Legal loopholes prevented the Federation from confiscating the fortune he had amassed from his black market genetics work.

In 2405, Starfleet Intelligence decided he was the best qualified individual to analyze the genetically engineered Borg, One and Two of Twelve, and obtained for Kutrizian a full pardon and amnesty for past crimes. Rather than squander his freedom, Mr. Sodu agreed to continue working with Starfleet Intelligence and the two Borg as needed.

Kutrizian bought a private resort on Risa in 2406, and retired, at least officially. He still maintains his network of black market contacts, although primarily to obtain information Starfleet Intelligence would otherwise be unable to obtain.

Black Screen

Black Screen is Kutrizian Sodu’s personal assistant, and earned her name by her proclivity to be slow to respond, sometimes causing a person to wonder if she is even powered on. It is rumored that her positronic network contains all the information Kutrizian might need if he were to return to his previous black market dealings.