Earthdate 2405-01-17 13:31 UTC

Medical Report, Kutrizian Sodu, Consultant
Patient ID: 0771-79657-10-75

This entry is a test of this report system. I never was one for keeping records of my patients, especially since those records could potentially be used against me in court, but in this case, I have no choice. I hope this turns out easier than I expect it will be.

All I need to do is analyze the genetic sequences of two Borg drones for the Federation, and I am free with full amnesty and a complete pardon for all past crimes from the President of the Federation. How hard can it be?

What I wonder most is what makes these two drones so special. With Starfleet liberating drones in greater numbers these days, I doubt they put this much effort into every individual. My guess is these two drones are either a new species unfamiliar to the Federation, or are some sort of anomaly that differs from the usual specimens liberated from the Borg Collective. Something must be very unusual that they would even consider releasing me from incarceration to assist in the genetic sequencing and analysis.

I now have some of the highest security credentials in the Federation, and am working in a very secure facility somewhere deep below Starfleet Intelligence Headquarters. Tomorrow I meet my patients, although they will not know it. The report indicates they are currently kept in stasis pods. I noticed several other prominent medical names were being brought in, including Petralla Wegere, who has written some interesting articles for medical journals. Perhaps I will meet her tonight.

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