Earthdate 2405-01-18 17:17 UTC

Medical Report, Kutrizian Sodu, Consultant
Patient ID: 0771-79657-10-75

I have seen Borg drones before. I have seen them before and after liberation, and noticed the changes they undergo in the process. I have even proffered my services to Liberated Borg, albeit illegally, in one of the many cases that resulted in my conviction and incarceration. Despite all my past encounters, these two specimens are unlike any Borg drone I have encountered. Sure, they do have the discolored skin tone, but not as strong as normal. They also have minimal external implants, with only a small implant around the left eye, and the assimilation tubules standard to all drones. They also have hair, unlike most drones, but one of the nurses cut it short to facilitate incisions into the skull to access hidden implants.

The strangest thing about these drones would be their similarity to each other. A quick glance suggests they are twins, but with Starfleet bringing a geneticist like myself to work with them, my guess is they could be clones, an idea reinforced by the files I read on Project [REDACTED]. Starfleet probably already did a basic genetic test, so all I’d have to do is confirm their findings. The Borg Collective turning to clones to fill its ranks… the prospect is frightening!

18:41 UTC—Note, John R. Tulleni, MD, Starfleet Medical LBRC – London – Supervisor
Mr. Sodu, this is Starfleet Medical. We do not use exclamation marks in medical reports. They draw too much attention to things they should not. Please remember this is all going on permanent record.

18:47 UTC—Reply to Note, Kutrizian Sodu
Mr. Tulleni, I am only a ‘consultant’ here, and am not on Starfleet Medical’s personnel roster. I know this is going in the permanent record, but do you? What will people think when they realize you put more focus into maintaining your Starfleet Medical traditions in the manner of report-writing than into the two people we are here to investigate? The next time you critique the way I write my reports… well, let me remind you that I am here to do a job no one in Starfleet is better qualified to do. I will write my reports however I want to write them!

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