Earthdate 2405-01-24 14:35 UTC

Medical Report, Kutrizian Sodu, Consultant
Patient ID: 0771-79657-10-75

A week of extensive comparison of genetic material confirms these drones are clones—mostly. The greatest difference is in the gene of 3p25 that affects OXTR. The rs53576 polymorphism in Patient 1 is AG, while Patient 2 is GG. Mrs. Wegere, the psychologist assigned to this case, believes the two drones might have been conditioned by this difference to respond to each other in opposite ways, such as the second taking orders from the first, but the first not taking orders from the second, and would support the theorized hierarchy of the command drones believed to be part of Project [REDACTED]. Perhaps I should reread the intelligence file on that project.

The other finding of my analysis is that these clones are not completely human. They retain the standard 23 pairs of chromosomes, but some segments are altered with a variety of augmentations from other species or are completely synthesized. REF: Lab Report KS-298-78288-61-17 for a complete list of my findings.

I recommend the patients be removed from stasis. Continued analysis of their differences and capabilities will require observation of their responses to stimuli.

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