Earthdate 2405-01-29 09:30 UTC

Medical Report and Psychological Profile – Liberated Borg Rehabilitation Center
Attending Doctor: Edith Pert, MD; Starfleet Medical LBRC – London

Patient ID: 0771-79657-10-75
Name: One of Twelve
Species: Borg, Human
Height: 180 cm
Status: Awake
Initial condition: Fair.

09:30 UTC—One of Twelve was awake and pacing the room this morning. Records indicate the methohexital sedation wore off about four hours ago. There is no sign if the implant reset surgery had any effect or not. Mrs. Wegere plans to spend the day trying to help One of Twelve explore her senses and understand what it means to be an individual. Starfleet Intelligence brass indicate they will continue tracking this case from their office, and we no longer require their physical presence until One of Twelve is more amicable and forthcoming with the answers they require. Condition changed to good. Conversation points of note will be logged.

18:00 UTC—Note, Petralla Wegere, PsyD, Starfleet Medical
The difficulty in dealing with Liberated Borg usually resides in their technological dedication toward efficiency conflicting with their biological ability to enjoy their sensory input. With One of Twelve, it almost seems backwards. Her implants are designed to help her experience her existence in an almost-human way, while she biologically has a natural inclination toward extreme self-control. In other words, she is more Borg than her implants. This makes her difficult to work with. For example, she can enjoy eating a cookie, but she does so by analyzing the molecular components affecting the taste instead of simply enjoying the taste. I expect it will take a long time to help her overcome this issue.

18:18 UTC—Reply to Note, Kutrizian Sodu
Mrs. Wegere, I have an idea that might help. Starting small and slowly working up to larger things might be the wrong approach. She is not engaged by a cookie or a cup of tea. I saw the recording of you giving her that cookie. She took it only to get you to stop bothering her to take it. Instead, play some games, give her difficult problems to solve, or something else that will engage her attention. Let me in there tomorrow, and I bet I can get her attention and involvement much easier than you can.

18:23 UTC—Reply to Note, John R. Tulleni, MD, Starfleet Medical LBRC – London – Supervisor
Mr. Sodu, you are a geneticist, not a psychologist. You are only here to assist us in determining the extent that their genetic material influences their motivations. You are not permitted to have direct access to these patients.

18:41 UTC—Reply to Note, Petralla Wegere, PsyD, Starfleet Medical
Mr. Tulleni, I think Mr. Sodu might be on to something. Consider this my official request that he accompany me during tomorrow’s session with One of Twelve.

18:57 UTC—Reply to Note, John R. Tulleni, MD, Starfleet Medical LBRC – London – Supervisor
Very well. If you believe Mr. Sodu can help you with One of Twelve, I will permit him to do so, but I will add a note to his service record that he is performing duties beyond the scope of his training and directive.

19:15 UTC—Reply to Note, Kutrizian Sodu
Great! I will have everything I need ready by tomorrow morning.

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