Earthdate 2405-01-30 09:34 UTC

Medical Report and Psychological Profile – Liberated Borg Rehabilitation Center
Attending Doctor: Edith Pert, MD; Starfleet Medical LBRC – London

Patient ID: 0771-79657-10-75
Name: One of Twelve
Species: Borg, Human
Height: 180 cm
Status: Awake
Initial condition: Good.

09:34 UTC—One of Twelve only spent two hours regenerating last night, probably because she hasn’t been very active otherwise. She is fit for medical release, but requires more rehabilitation, and Starfleet Intelligence will need to decide when to move her to a new facility. Hopefully Mrs. Wegere and Mr. Sodu will be able to get good responses from her. Dr. Tulleni is closely watching them today. Conversation points of note will be logged.

13:16 UTC—Note, John R. Tulleni, MD, Starfleet Medical LBRC – London – Supervisor
Mr. Sodu apparently knows more than just genetics. He has her talking, and at one point, she even laughed. Mrs. Wegere is taking an observer role in today’s session with One of Twelve, choosing instead to take notes, and sometimes help explain something about One of Twelve’s humanity.

16:45 UTC—Note, Petralla Wegere, PsyD, Starfleet Medical
I ended today’s session early today since I don’t want to overwhelm One of Twelve. Mr. Sodu went in this morning, handed her a PADD depicting two strands of DNA, and told her to explain the discrepancies. The ensuing conversation was lengthy, detailed, and beyond my area of expertise. One of Twelve seemed to have some idea what they were discussing, but I feel it was beyond her area of expertise too. Mr. Sodu certainly enjoyed himself. Rather than attempt offering One of Twelve a cookie in an attempt to coax her into learning to enjoy her surroundings, I had cookies and tea brought for myself and Mr. Sodu. One of Twelve can watch us enjoy the food and drink, and can decide for herself when she wants to try something. Dr. Tulleni, I request permission to take One of Twelve to a holodeck for our next session.

17:18 UTC—Reply to Note, Kutrizian Sodu
The main topic of today’s discussion was the genetic difference between One and Two of Twelve. The session was recorded, so Starfleet Intelligence can easily watch it themselves to learn more information about the genetic goals of Project [REDACTED]. As for me, I learned quite a bit about her genetic makeup that wasn’t readily obvious just from the sequencing I did earlier this month. She is eager to talk, probably since she had very few opportunities with only drones on her cube, so gleaning more information from her should not be a problem. The hard part is engaging her in a way complex enough to warrant her attention.

20:26 UTC—Reply to Note, John R. Tulleni, MD, Starfleet Medical LBRC – London – Supervisor
Mrs. Wegere, a holodeck is out of the question. There are too many unpredictables in there, and a mere two days of calm sessions does not mean One of Twelve has earned our trust. She needs to come to terms with her liberation before we can grant privileges. Even then, I don’t know about a holodeck. I think the best I could do would be to let you take her outside under heavy guard. You’re the psychologist here, so find a way to approach the topic of her liberation without eliciting the response we saw two days ago. We cannot trust more sedatives to work on her.

16:45 UTC—Note, Petralla Wegere, PsyD, Starfleet Medical
I will do what I can. The last two attempts were direct, so tomorrow I will approach the topic indirectly. The goal will be to get her to bring up the topic.

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