Earthdate 2405-02-05 08:37 UTC

Medical Report and Psychological Profile – Liberated Borg Rehabilitation Center
Attending Doctor: Edith Pert, MD; Starfleet Medical LBRC – London

Patient ID: 0771-79657-10-75
Name: One of Twelve
Species: Borg, Human
Height: 180 cm
Status: Awake
Initial condition: Good.

08:37 UTC—One and Two of Twelve are ready to go with Mrs. Wegere, Mrs. Luwaav, and Mr. Sodu, and the security team is here. Following quick scans of her systems, the group will depart for the Fort McHenry Historical Preservation Site. There will be no further logging of today’s activities.

18:25 UTC—Note, Petralla Wegere, PsyD, Starfleet Medical
I often find Liberated Borg surprising when it comes to their means to analyze and adapt. One of Twelve is no different. The tour today went well, although there was some initial confusion when we arrived five hours before the site opened due to time zone differences that no one reminded us about. When we finally made it into the site, she seemed horrified to encounter a group of school children who were not in maturation chambers. It took some minutes before she realized we do not use maturation chambers to raise our children. She then decided the whole universe must be a maturation chamber that we never leave, a very interesting way to sum up how we continue to learn throughout our lives. I guess she does not know about, and I doubt I want to be there when she learns, pregnancy, the biological maturation chamber we all leave long before we reach maturity. Kutrizian said he would explain their other reaction to the actual location.

19:04 UTC—Note, Kutrizian Sodu
One of Twelve and Two of Twelve are frightening despite their sincerest attempts at being friendly. It is not so much their attitude toward others as it is the cold, calculated efficiency that they look at things with. Prior to the tour, I had never heard of Fort McHenry, the site of an American victory during the War of 1812. One and Two had heard of it, but mostly as a minor bynote in their assimilated knowledge. Being able to actually see the place and information on the armaments and technologies used gave them the opportunity to reevaluate the battle, not from the historical perspective as a time long ago, but as an event that would change if they had been present. After only three hours of gathering information, they claimed they had a strategy that guaranteed British victory in seven hours, or a strategy that guaranteed American victory in a time period five minutes longer, even with soldiers making mistakes and errors. I asked how that would change if they were fighting against each other, and another hour of discussion between them determined it would be a war of attrition in favor of the Americans with shorter supply lines. I cannot guess the validity of their strategies, but if they are as good as I would wager based on Starfleet Intelligence’s interest in the two, then it would be very frightening to find them loose in the galaxy, working for anyone else. Get these two into the toughest Academy classes you can, as fast as possible. They need to be challenged and have their minds taken off warfare before they find a way to take over Earth with only sticks and stones!

19:16 UTC—Reply to Note, John R. Tulleni, MD, Starfleet Medical LBRC – London – Supervisor
Mr. Sodu, is the dramatic flair necessary in your analysis?

19:59 UTC—Reply to Note, Petralla Wegere, PsyD, Starfleet Medical
Dr. Tulleni, dramatic flair or not, Mr. Sodu is correct. These Liberated Borg are a threat despite their sincere decision to join Starfleet. To them, viewing the world as a battlefield is natural, almost to the point of being a biological function. Our job here is to make them see the world as so much more.

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