Earthdate 2405-02-08 09:22 UTC

Medical Report and Psychological Profile – Liberated Borg Rehabilitation Center
Attending Doctor: Edith Pert, MD; Starfleet Medical LBRC – London

Patient ID: 0771-79657-10-75
Name: One of Twelve
Age: 4
Species: Borg, Human
Height: 180 cm
Status: Awake
Initial condition: Good.

09:22 UTC—Scans indicate no change in One of Twelve’s condition. She does not know it, but if she passes the final Academy placement tests today, which is expected, she is being transferred out of this facility. There will be no further logging of today’s activities.

17:35 UTC—Note, Petralla Wegere, PsyD, Starfleet Medical
The transition from this LBRC facility to Starfleet Academy will be difficult. I have no doubt One of Twelve will do everything she can to adapt to the other cadets and faculty, but it may not be enough. Starfleet Intelligence intends to continue their security escort for her, as much to protect her as it is to protect the other cadets from her. I just hope they never need to act. Most of her courses, at least initially, will be private, but there will be times when there is no choice but to combine her with the other cadets. At this point, One of Twelve is Starfleet Intelligence’s experiment, although I will continue to monitor and assist her psychological development. I am also taking over for Mrs. Luwaav with Two of Twelve so I am better able to compare both of these Liberated Borg and note their differences. Hopefully we detect and correct any potential psychological issues before they become problems.

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