Earthdate 2405-02-18 19:41 PST

Psychological Profile – Starfleet Academy
Attending Psychologist: Petralla Wegere, PsyD; Starfleet Medical

Patient ID: 0771-79657-10-75
Name: One of Twelve

19:41 PST (UTC-8)—“I will adapt.” I believe that is One of Twelve’s way to say she will make do with the slower pace of learning. The first week of class is over. When asked if she made any new friends, she claimed to not understand the question. Upon further investigation, it seems she thinks of everyone as an acquaintance. I haven’t yet determined if there is anyone she met in whom she would put the same level of trust as we put in those we call friends. When mentioning trust, Two of Twelve thought I must be talking about the instructors. They do not yet understand the social differences between peers and authority figures.

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