Earthdate 2406-01-02 08:45 PST

Medical Report – Starfleet Medical – SFA Extensive Care Detachment – Room 12
Attending Doctor: Aylerhaler Malersay, MD; Starfleet Medical

Patient ID: 0771-79657-10-75
Name: One of Twelve
Rank: Cadet
Age: 4
Species: Borg, Human
Height: 180 cm
Status: Awake
Initial condition: Fair.

08:45 PST (UTC-8)—One of Twelve is ready for the operation, which is the strangest I have ever performed. She refuses anesthesia, claiming that not only is she immune to the effects, but that she can direct her nanoprobes to prevent the triggering of pain receptors in the localized area of the incision. The hard part will be to keep from accidentally damaging existing neural pathways and implant circuitry. The second function of this surgery is to [REDACTED] per Starfleet Intelligence, who I presume are watching this procedure intently. On the other side of the room, Dr. Viller is performing the same surgery on Two of Twelve. Mrs. Wegere is on hand to assist with any communication with the patients, complications, and postoperative recovery.

09:01 PST (UTC-8)—The primary incision is complete. There were no adverse reactions to the exoscalpel. It is interesting to note that nanoprobes are vacating the area of the laser, as if self-preservation is among their subroutines.

09:48 PST (UTC-8)—The secondary incision through the left parietal bone is complete. Removal of the bone was difficult, as several implant structures and circuits run through it. Minor coating on some parts of the implants suggest nanoprobes clustered to protect the microcircuitry from the exoscalpel laser, conflicting with my earlier observation of their apparent self-preservation.

10:08 PST (UTC-8)—[REDACTED].

10:57 PST (UTC-8)—I have located the two circuits to cross link.

11:21 PST (UTC-8)—The tertiary circuit microfiber is in place, ready for connection.

11:38 PST (UTC-8)—One of Twelve said I will need to cross link the two circuits and connect the final microfiber within twenty seconds for it to work. Otherwise, her systems will go into a diagnosis and repair mode, which would temporarily remove her control over her implants and nanoprobes. The plan is to use a microtransporter to fuse the microfiber in place, while I cross link the other two connections.

11:44 PST (UTC-8)—Connections and cross linking are complete.

12:16 PST (UTC-8)—Parietal bone plug put back in place. The osteogenic stimulator seemed to be assisted by nanoprobe regenerative efforts.

12:25 PST (UTC-8)—Outer incision closed. Observed the same effect with the dermal regenerator as I did with the osteogenic stimulator.

12:33 PST (UTC-8)—Procedures complete. One of Twelve is finishing a check on her implant systems. If successful, she will spend the day with Mrs. Wegere and Two of Twelve recuperating as they adjust to the changes.

12:52 PST (UTC-8)—Patient released.

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