Earthdate 2406-03-03 18:38 PST

Psychological Profile – Starfleet Academy
Attending Psychologist: Petralla Wegere, PsyD; Starfleet Medical

Patient ID: 0771-79657-10-75
Name: One of Twelve

18:38 PST (UTC-8)—One of Twelve is doing very well in the science classes she is taking, so I encouraged her to compete in this year’s competition in two weeks to see which cadet can put together an experiment that has the most potential to change the way we do things. She said she already has an idea, and knows for certain it could change the quadrant. I look forward to seeing what she comes up with. I think it very interesting that One of Twelve has quite a few problems with her classes involving histories for various key planets in the Federation. She already knows all the wars mentioned in the classes, but her interpretations of the strategies used and the outcomes sometimes vary greatly from the traditional interpretations taught here at the academy. If she believes the Battle of Gettysburg was lost on the first day rather than the second or third, she has a very good reason to support her belief, and is not afraid to contradict the course materials. To her benefit, the historians teaching the classes are actually giving her credit on tests if she supports her answers, and sometimes approach her for observations on other battles. They seem to be putting quite a bit of weight behind One of Twelve’s strategic knowledge, and will probably reevaluate quite a few battles over the next few years.

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