Earthdate 2408-09-09 11:53 UTC

Psychological Profile – Liberated Borg Rehabilitation Center
Attending Psychologist: Petralla Wegere, PsyD; Starfleet Medical

Patient ID: 0771-79657-10-75
Name: One of Twelve

11:53 UTC—One of Twelve is very unhappy. I just sat with her through a four hour special hearing on her orders that resulted in the partial destruction of her ship and the loss of thirty-two lives, followed by an official reprimand for treating her crewmembers as Borg drones. She actually got off fairly easy, and won’t even lose her command. There was even talk of recommending her for an award on her unconventional strategy, despite the negative results. What upset her most were the restrictions placed on what she is allowed to do. No longer is she permitted to take her ship into combat without orders from a superior officer unless her ship is attacked. She also has to attend weekly counseling sessions, although there was no stipulation that they had to be included in her medical records. Of course, this will not take effect immediately. She and her crew are grounded for three weeks while the Lachesis undergoes repairs and One participates in an experimental training program I recommended be developed a few years back. I just hope it works. Unlike most Liberated Borg, One of Twelve never had a life prior to assimilation. This gives her a somewhat unique outlook on life that is not shared by most others. We need to teach her that every life is just as valuable as the collective, not expendable.

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