Stardate 82024.95

Medical Report – U.S.S. Mary Seacole – Ward 15
Attending Doctor: Karen Garrett, MD; U.S.S. Mary Seacole

Patient ID: 0771-79657-10-75
Species: Borg, Human
Height: 180 cm
Status: Sedated. Melorazine.
Initial condition: Serious.

82024.95—Took charge of patient. No noticeable change in condition. Technicians claim it will be at least another two hours before they have a Borg regeneration alcove rendered to the point they can use the spare parts to rebuild a new alcove of their own design, per Dr. Altair’s regeneration idea. I hope they succeed. Patient appears stable for now, but is weak enough she could easily take a turn for the worse. I would hate to lose a patient before I even learn her name.

82025.58—I don’t know much about Borg technology, but it took those technicians another five hours to extract the parts they need. My shift is almost half over, and I haven’t been able to do a single thing to benefit this patient. At this point, all I can do is wait and care for the other patients in the ward.

82026.11—Condition critical. Nanoprobe blockage in the abdominal vena cava; required simple microtransporter operation to clear. Obstruction sent to lab for immediate analysis. If nanoprobes are shutting down, survival is questionable. Stasis pod requested to be on hand in case condition worsens; should be here in minutes. Technicians should have custom regenerator table attachments finished by the end of the hour.

82026.22—Condition critical. Obstruction definitely was composed of dead nanoprobes. Do Borg have a way to rid the body of impurities like these? Would they pass through the kidneys, or somewhere else? Does patient even have the energy for the body to process this type of waste? Patient remains unchanged since last log entry. Custom regenerator table attachments completed and installed.

82026.31—Shift change. Patient transferred to Dr. Altair.

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