Stardate 85228.27

Medical Report – U.S.S. Lachesis – Sickbay 1
Attending Doctor: Ced’ira T’Nau, MD; CMO

Patient ID: 0771-79657-10-75
Name: One of Twelve
Rank: Captain
Age: 6
Species: Borg, Human
Height: 180 cm

85228.27—One of Twelve needs to be less vigorous when competing in physical activities. She broke her left humerus during a fall while playing hoverball tonight, possibly in the same location it was cracked when she was taken off her cube. Some time with an osteogenic stimulator healed the fracture faster than her nanoprobes could, so she is back to normal. I had to warn her that she is not indestructible, nor is she designed to be as tough as the usual drone. Despite her implants and technologically enhanced speed and agility, One of Twelve is almost as fragile as everyone else.

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