Stardate 85276.96

Psychological Profile – U.S.S Lachesis
Attending Counselor: Z. Melinda Serrano, PsyD

Patient ID: 0771-79657-10-75
Name: One of Twelve

85276.96—We had a short skirmish with the Klingons earlier today, and One of Twelve is very pleased with her performance. Three Bird of Preys uncloaked behind us, but a sudden full reverse combined with our multi-vector assault mode separation gave us a sudden tactical advantage that sent them running. She also seems to be in a heightened state of awareness right now, possibly from an increase in her norepinephrine or dopamine levels during the skirmish. Without any prior records of this, I am uncertain how long the effect might last, or how it will affect her. I hope she can regenerate without issue tonight.

85277.30—Note, Kutrizian Sodu
Mrs. Serrano, One of Twelve should be able to remain alert for a minimum of 48 hours before regeneration needs to be considered. She usually attempts some regeneration every night, and could potentially stay awake 72 or more hours before we start to worry. If she needs to stay awake to give her system time to process those hormones, let her take that time. She should be back to normal tomorrow or the next day.

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