Stardate 85651.83

Psychological Profile – U.S.S Lachesis
Attending Counselor: Z. Melinda Serrano, PsyD

Patient ID: 0771-79657-10-75
Name: One of Twelve

85651.83—A battle against a Vo’quv Carrier that was sending raiding parties to attack a freighter convoy four days ago is going to put this crew through some difficult times. There were thirty-two casualties and countless wounded, but One of Twelve considers it a solid victory. Those of us who made it to Beta Section before the ship separated into multi-vector assault mode survived, but the skeleton crews remaining on Alpha and Gamma Sections are gone after the Captain sent them to ram the carrier while Beta Section provided supporting fire to take down its shields. The Lachesis is a warship, so we do not carry families, but quite a few crewmembers lost friends. It will be very difficult for them to cope. One of Twelve, however, believes they will adapt. She needs to learn that she cannot act as if the people aboard this ship are drones.

85652.45—Note, Wendall Werralk, Adm, Starfleet Intelligence
The U.S.S. Lachesis will receive emergency orders to return to the Beta Antares Shipyards for new Alpha and Gamma Sections. Mrs. Serrano, we are recalling Mrs. Wegere to assist with One of Twelve, who will be required to attend new ‘sensitivity’ training developed by Liberated Borg for Liberated Borg. We lament the loss of brave men and women from the Lachesis, and will do everything we can to help the remaining crew overcome this tragedy. Due to the sensitive topic, the rest of this report has been redacted. Please submit valid requests for this report through Starfleet Intelligence’s Task Force Omega department.

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