Stardate 85810.56

Psychological Profile – U.S.S Lachesis
Attending Counselor: Z. Melinda Serrano, PsyD

Patient ID: 0771-79657-10-75
Name: One of Twelve

85810.56—One of Twelve seems to be doing much better than before, and often comes to me seeking advice on the best way to handle various situations. Today she asked if it would be a good idea to send personal apologies to the families of the crewmembers who lost their lives under her command, specifically in reference to our tragic win a few months back. I told her that in this case, it was probably better to allow Starfleet to handle the matter since any apology from her, sincere or not, would be ridiculed as too little too late. I made sure she knew I was proud to have her finally taking the time to consult me about her actions before she made more social mistakes. It shows that not only does she care, but she wants to prevent herself from making similar mistakes in the future.

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