Stardate 82023.58

Medical Report – U.S.S. Mary Seacole – Ward 15
Attending Doctor: Isaac Altair, MD; U.S.S. Mary Seacole

Patient ID: 0771-79657-10-75
Species: Borg, Human
Height: 180 cm
Status: Sedated. Improvaline.
Initial condition: Serious.

82023.58—Took charge of Dr. Garrett’s patient. Switched sedative from improvaline to melorazine. The drone will remain sedated to prevent physical activity from expending energy needed for the regenerative processes. Took note of the nanoprobe oddities Dr. Garrett mentioned. That is very strange, and could hinder our attempts to save this patient. I will consult Liberated Borg crewmembers about a possible solution as soon as I check on the other patients in this ward.

82023.80—It may be possible to create a sort of rudimentary horizontal regeneration alcove around the patient’s bed, and several Liberated Borg technicians are working on the problem. If it works, great. If not, this medical ship is filled to capacity, the first time I have ever seen it happen, so we are headed toward Earth at maximum warp. We should arrive in about two days, and then Starfleet’s top doctors and physicians can attend to this patient.

82024.31—The U.S.S. Walt Whitman hailed us. It seems a planned patient transfer failed to take place before we departed the battlefield. It seems their patient has the same identifying features as this patient, so they might be twins. Starfleet Medical can determine their relation once both patients are in Earth’s medical facilities. The U.S.S. Walt Whitman will head that way once they reach capacity, another hundred casualties or so.

82024.94—Shift change. Patient transferred back to Dr. Garrett.

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